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V-ZUG has a tradition of innovation—from the first household appliance in the early years of the last century to today’s high-tech products. The sustained development of the production site is also part of this tradition.

This latest step marks the high point in the sustained development of the production site. In 1988, V-ZUG gave Zug a distinctive landmark as a center for industry with its Zugorama building on Baarerstrasse. An ultra-modern high-bay warehouse was built in 2011, to be followed this year by the extension along Oberallmendstrasse, centralizing and optimizing operational logistics and production processes. This functional consolidation of the site provides the ideal conditions for realizing the vision of achieving social and urban objectives. The current mixed-use concept integrates the company site in the fabric of the city and will become the nucleus of a technology and innovation center in the heart of Switzerland.

This ongoing development is based on the firmly-held conviction that a wide range of attractive workplaces in the middle of an urban living environment makes good ecological, economic and social sense.